Avatar 2 is boring

Avatar 2 is a boring movie. I understand people want to see it for the visuals, and that James Cameron is behind it. But that doesn't convince me I should recommend it to anyone. Here's my problem.

Avatar 1 again

Avatar 2 takes a lot from Avatar 1 but doesn't change a lot. The whole idea of humans coming to a planet and destroying the animals, killing natives, and exploiting the land is not viewed in a different light. I do think it's a theme not too often explored in big box office movies today, and I can commend it for that. But I don't think this movie had anything new to say. To me, that doesn't invalidate what it is saying. I just wanted more.

192 minutes

This movie is over 3 hours long. It takes a lot of time just to pan the camera around and look at all the money they spent on visual effects. Sure, it's pretty, but when I have to take multiple bathroom breaks, it really takes me out of it.

Choose a framerate

You cannot tell me the 48 frames per second movie, with randomly inserted VIRTUAL 24 frames per second footage, makes any sense. Choose one or the other, I honestly think it would've been okay. However, when you have a shot in 48 frames, then you cut to a reverse angle, then back to the original shot, it shouldn't be different

I can't believe I posted this but here it is.